Welcome on my Page

Welcome on my Page 

This site has been created for the purpose of service sense. This website is free, we do not take any money in any way for the information given from our visitors. All information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. If you have any objection to our site or any article, then please tell us , we will solve your problem soon.

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Friends First of all thank you for visiting our blog. I will update my information soon. This site  has been created with an aim to provide a better experience to the students with a sense of service. All types of articles related to education are published on this website. This website publish on the topics below:







This website is free of charge. All information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. thanks.


I am feeling very happy while writing these lines of the introduction, because in today’s era there is no lack of any topic on the blog; But qualitatively a lot of hard work is required.
This blog is related to education, which is very important for the students. It will be beneficial for all types of students. I believe that the presented blog will be useful not only for university level readers but also for the students of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and Public Service Commission (PCS) of various states. How far this effort is successful, it is decided that Readers are in their hands. Your suggestions are welcome to make it better. Dear friends,
all of you are aware that the present era is the era of competition, thousands of competitive examinations are organized every year.
Keeping in mind the economic and educational condition of India, we have organized such a platform of education for all of you students where you can prepare for all competitive examinations free of cost and give a new direction to your future. First of all, to join this program, you search Career Guide Dr. Afroz Iqbal / Quiz Guru Dr. Afroz Iqbal on YouTube, subscribe to the channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0DrEp59BqtdIbAxXbdfFTQ

You also share this information with all your friends so that all the students can take advantage of this program.
In this channel of ours, you have been provided videos of competitive questions related to subjects like General Knowledge, General Studies, History, Politics, Sociology etc.
You listen to these questions every day, note that if any question is not understood, then you can write in the comment box, it will be our first priority to answer your questions. If you have any question related to career counseling then you can also ask,
we are always ready to guide you.
This work sequence of ours will be helpful in all competitive exams like Group C, Bank, Railway, CDS, Army, Police as well as respected exams like NET, PCS, UPSC.
If you want to prepare for IAS, PCS, then general knowledge, general studies are very important for that too. Along with this, PDF of NCERT History, Geography, Science, Politics, Sociology will also be made available through this program.
The path of life you are on right now, we have come out of that path by becoming a wanderer, all our talk is based on our own experience. This program has been organized for your guidance and better future.
For the preparation of all the exams, different classes are conducted on WhatsApp, online examination is also organized every week, every month for evaluation.
Thank you all by joining our program for your better future. Any query you can ask us through any medium without any hesitation.We are always ready for your proper guidance.
Dr Afroz Iqbal